Only 1 physician in 90 really makes it.
And they could have made it better.

Nature selects random men and women, endows them with special abilities or perceptions, and unleashes them into a waiting world.

In time these people become successful.  They are surgeons and internists and family practitioners.  They are radiologists and ophthalmologists, oral surgeons and cardiologists.  They are the best in their fields.

It's constantly surprising, then, how frequently so many of these physicians fail in one area: achieving their full personal and practice potential.

They are so busy taking care of others that they fail to take care of themselves.

We meet them every week.  Men and women, who, at the height of their careers, come to us and say, “Something's missing, I can do so much more.”

The same story applies to the physician who is moderately successful – the emergency room physician who hasn’t quite made department director –  the family physician without his own clinic –or the young cardiologist who isn't a full partner yet.

These people may not be the leaders in their specialties, but they work just as hard as the leaders, and care just as much.

And they find themselves in the same sort of personal and financial doldrums.  They suffer, as do their peers, from insufficient attention to developing the necessary infrastructure to support optimal quality and success.

They’ve been so busy being physicians that they haven’t taken enough time to make their practices and lives run as smoothly as they can.

Many of these people, both the successful ones and the not-yet-successful ones, can still take action that might change their lives.

                  ..And so, perhaps, can you.

We help you start all over again.
Only the right way this time.

The International Council for Quality Care, Inc., and our certified facilitators have one goal: to help you achieve your full potential.

To accomplish this we utilize three unusual and valuable capabilities: first, a unique best practice approach to addressing your situation, with the most comprehensive set of practice and personal diagnostic instruments available, second, the development of a practice success plan that benchmarks your strengths, hopes and challenges against some of the finest physicians in all specialties, and finally, the education and tools to help you get there.

We have been studying the most successful physicians in the world for over 25 years.  Through research and experience, we have isolated the processes and strategies that yield the highest efficacy – the ones that really contributed to building the success of these physicians.

Before you become actively engaged in our process, we review your ambitions, your dreams, your earnings, your potential and your determination.

Then, using our special approach of practice and personal analysis, we develop a logical and viable plan for your future.

This plan is designed specifically for you.  It is created to meet the objectives we have laid out on your behalf.

It shows you where you could go wrong, and how to avoid it.  Where you should spend your overhead dollars and where you should cut back.  How to maintain positive staff morale and how to keep patient satisfaction high.  It shows you how to make your practice work twice as hard in a planned way that feels effortless, all through a process of continuous quality improvement.

And when the plan is completed, we show you how to put it to work.  Because the execution is as important as the strategy.

                  …..We’ll help you make it happen.

You may know one of our physicians.
But you won’t find out from us.

If we published a list of our physicians, you would very likely recognize a name or two.

This, however, will never happen.  Our dealings on a physician’s behalf are as confidential as those of the physician/patient relationship.

But it could be valuable to you, in your assessment of the International Council for Quality Care, Inc.’s certified facilitators, to know the types of specialties of some of our physicians.

Our lowest-income physician is a family physician who could one day, we believe, become the managing partner of his own large group.

Our highest-income single physician is a multi-million dollar surgeon whose patients come to him from all around the world.

We do work for dozens of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, a number of orthopedists, radiology groups and large internal medicine groups.

We set up networks with a number of multi-specialty group practices, pediatricians, hundreds of hospitals, a series of primary care networks, oncologists, several gastroenterologists, quite a few ophthalmologists, specialty institutes and several internationally-renowned clinics. 

In addition, our certified facilitators offer help to health systems and hundreds of hospitals, on matters that relate to medical staff development, practice quality improvement, physician relations, strategic development, and long-range planning.

We are experts in measuring and implementing Quality at the Point of Service™.  We help practice grow.

                  …..We help balance quality with efficiency.

Use us once. Or twice. Or forever. Single Interventions

We will solve specific problems or investigate specific opportunities on a one-time basis.

These can be recurring problems like improving service quality and productivity or singular situations like positioning a practice for success under managed care.

Your dealings with us, then, will be much like they would be if you consulted your personal physician for a specific problem.

After a series of intensive assessments with you and your staff, and after administering a series of diagnostic instruments, we will prepare a comprehensive plan, based on our knowledge of your resources and objectives.  We will then advise you of the actions necessary to put this plan to work.

Perpetual Service

At your request, we will provide service in all areas of your practice, and thus act, in effect, as one of your personal advisors.

In doing this, our first task is to design a long-term action plan on your behalf.  This plan is a blueprint for the next two, five, or 20 years of your life; it covers foreseeable problems and opportunities, and dictates the best methods of attack in these areas.

Then, we recommend the best ways to put this plan into action.

Naturally, the action plan is built to be flexible.  As new problems, situations and opportunities arise, we can advise appropriate action.

Thus, a certified facilitator from the International Council for Quality Care, Inc. can provide what is virtually a non-stop service, with you continually receiving our guidance. 

                  …..We help you achieve your goals on your timetable.

Case history of a single assignment.

An established family physician in a Kansas primary care network saw her overhead soaring past 55% of collections because of extra staff associated with servicing her busy practice.  She felt something was wrong when her employees continued to complain they were understaffed.

The network administrator proposed merging her practice with another physician, with the idea of sharing overhead and management.  He was confident this would solve their mutual problems.  The deal would mean they would merge their practices.  That’s when a certified facilitator from the International Council for Quality Care, Inc. came in to help.

After thoroughly analyzing both practices with a set of sophisticated diagnostic instruments, a profile was developed for each practice.  The results pointed to some interesting findings and some surprises.

We told them that both practices could be run much more efficiently with lower overhead in one, and higher productivity in the other, if they made one fundamental change – move.  One physician was cramped for space with no room to add support staff.  The other was in very inefficient space that contributed to her rising overhead.

They decided they would move to new, well-designed space adjacent to one another and share call only.  We agreed.

When they couldn’t find an architect that understood patient flow and efficiency issues, we tapped them into our network of the best in the world – they made it happen.

Both practices are thriving in their new quarters.  Overheads are lower and productivity is at an all-time high.  Both physicians are actively involved in a practice quality improvement process.

                  …..We’ll help you establish your fantasy practice.

Case history of a perpetual assignment.

A 45-year-old cardiologist in a hospital-sponsored organization came to us one day and said, “I have no problems, but I see the need to redesign my practice for the future.  I know I need to act now.”

He was well respected by his colleagues, worked in a storybook office decorated by his wife, in a building adjacent to the hospital, with four gracious support staff.

In spite of his apparent success, he worked 70-hour weeks and knew little about practice productivity.  Staff morale was okay, but not great.  The computer was good, but not used to its full potential.  His day was not effortless.

Our interactions with him revealed that he was very interested in developing a heart center of excellence.  Expanding the cardiology service at the hospital where his loyalties had remained for the last ten years was an idea with a lot of appeal.

We decided that it would be wise to start with his colleagues in his call group and gauge their interest.  We then helped facilitate a meeting with key doctors and the hospital to establish a Heart Institute.

After a positive go-ahead, each interested physician was surveyed.  Benchmarks for each practice were developed.  The outcome was that four physicians decided to proceed.  Today, with our continuing input, they have over eight physicians in the center of excellence in a brand new building.

He now works 45 hours per week.  He takes six weeks off.  His work environment is better than ever.  

Today, the Council interacts with the group on a quarterly basis, and structures regular communication.

                  ..We’ll keep your momentum moving forward.

How we can help the $125,000 physician?

In many ways, the physician just starting is the easiest for us to help.  The new physician hasn’t had the chance to form many bad habits or hasn’t had time to make many mistakes.

This physician is about to enter the toughest and most demanding ten years of life – the years that can see a rise from a professional school graduate to the head of their own clinic or department – and it is vital that practice and personal affairs are handled skillfully.

We provide a total plan, after fully discussing the physician’s objectives and assessing the current situation.

In plotting the way, we help to secure the normal things needed for the practice and private life: a proven plan for success.

But we also introduce the young physician to opportunities that probably would not be discovered, left to the physician’s own devices – opportunities that will help achieve their potential much more quickly.

We might recommend the best practice building methods, sophisticated patient handling techniques, overhead management, managed care and financing ideas, time management techniques or advanced human relations skills.

All of our ideas are based on putting patients’ needs first and providing the highest quality of care possible.  This physician can embrace new ideas with very little risk, and with decent potential for improved leverage and personal success.

Usually, we’ll also be able to recommend quality improvement and productivity ideas that will enable the physician to keep more of what is earned – because in the beginning, every dollar has to count more.

In effect, our job is to introduce this physician to opportunities and ideas that most physicians in this stage of practice development do not yet know about.

                  …..We’ll help you turbocharge your career.

How we can help the $200,000 physician?

Most established physicians are over 40 years old, and have already adopted a life style that is difficult for anyone to change – including us.

In many cases, however, we must ask these physicians to reconsider everything they know about practice and personal effectiveness.  We might ask them to reflect hard on their situations.  Often this self-examination, alone, gives them a new and valuable point of view about their practice, because it shows them ways to improve.

Most physicians at this stage, have an office environment they are proud of, a high-quality, dedicated, and loyal support staff, plus a level of patient service and quality that is second to none.

In an era of declining reimbursement, with a heightened emphasis on quality improvement, these physicians have a great deal to lose and the most to gain.

Our job, once we have clarified their objectives, is to create a rational and structured plan that builds on strengths.

The recommendations we submit could include ideas to improve service quality, ways to boost productivity and efficiency, methods to restructure overhead, techniques to re-align support staff duties and a number of suggestions on how to get the most out of every day, effortlessly, while improving service and quality of life.

                  ..We help you have perfect days.

How we can help the $500,000 physician?

This physician often doesn’t know as much about practice success as people think they do.  What they know is cardiovascular surgery, or diagnosing upper GI problems, keeping patients and referring physicians ecstatic, or the newest breakthrough.

So the physician who appears to be there, already knows what it takes, but also knows how much better it can be.  What they want more of is quality of life, time off, a hassle-free environment, and yes, a more secure financial future.

They spend more time with their administration than they would like to, but most of the activity is done on a piecemeal basis.  They often do not have a clear and integrated plan for their future.

Our initial step with this physician is the same as our approach with the lower-earning physician: help him define his objectives and aspirations.  He may have thought about them, vaguely.  We help him crystallize them.

When these objectives have been isolated, our job is to recommend the quickest and safest ways of meeting them.  We do this, in many cases, by showing him opportunities he is unaware of, ideas that hadn’t occurred to him, and processes he didn’t know existed.

We find a surprising number of physicians in this category who are apparently content to have a modest office, mediocre help, two weeks off, and $500,000 in the bank.  Period.  They could have so much more and be so much happier.

We help this physician work much smarter and we leverage his time and his practice effectively, while he is at the prime of his power and energy.

                  .We help you work more effectively.

The ones we can't help.

For every ten inquiries we receive, about six eventually become actively involved with the International Council for Quality Care, Inc. process.  The others, in our opinion, would not be well served by working with us.

Some of these are people who do not have the courage to make the tough decisions, or possess the determination necessary to commit to being the best that they can be.

Some are people with a history of “starting over,” who will never stick to a recommended program of action for more than a week or two.

Some suffer from interrelated personal-practice-financial problems so severe that no amount of counsel will be of significant benefit.

But the chances are still six in ten that we can help you make it, better than you ever dreamed of making it before.

                  ..Aren’t those better odds than you have right now?


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